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MLM Success Training

When selecting an MLM company there are many things that you should consider. After all you will be much more passionate about your business if you have done your research and know in your gut that you have a sound product or service that you can feel good about. You also want a company that you know will not disappear in the midst of you building your sales team.

This actually leads to the first item to consider when selecting your company and that is the product or service. If you look back over the years there has been so company that has lasted longer than a few years that did not have a good product or service. This right away eliminates those organizations that do cash gifting or something like that where there is no real product or no real service that is delivered. Those businesses are a flash in the pan and will not have a long term business.

When analyzing the product or service you should look at how unique the product or service is and how much competition there is in the market place both in a traditional business and as a multi level marketing company. One example of this is a health juice company. There are many of these companies so what makes the one you are considering better and why would someone choose it over a competitor. The less competition the better.

Another aspect of the product or service is how easy is it to prove that the product or service works as described. The more difficult it is to prove the benefits of the product or service the more difficult it will be to sell and the more difficult it will be to enroll others to become distributors.

Second and somewhat related is the fact that you want a company that you know is going to be around for a while. That is a rather easy choice when looking at companies that are older than 2 years and even easier after 5 years. These companies you can be fairly sure that they will be around for a while. The flip side to this is however the fact that most of the big money earners are the generally the ones that got in those organizations at the beginning. So you have to weigh the age and stability in other ways if you want to have a potential larger reward when it comes to earnings.

Thirdly and somewhat related to the last item is the leadership of the organization. When a company is younger than 2 years you should look at the principles in the organization and their track records in the business. This I realize is not always that easy to do because there are many factors that contribute to an individual’s prior history or success that they may not have had anything to do with but because of their association with the prior venture you get a false sense of security. You should look deep into the prior businesses as best you can to evaluate the leadership or ownership of the company.

The fourth item to consider is the compensation plan. Often this is very difficult to ascertain because there are so many twists and iterations to consider and when you try to compare compensation plans you can get really lost in the minutia of the details. This is certainly difficult and is beyond explanation in this article but the devil is in the details and you should understand this or trust your sponsors explanation that it is sound.

The fifth item to look at is the training. This can actually be the hardest to determine because it is so dependent on your upline team as well as the MLM organization. There can be all kinds of restrictions on what you can and cannot say about your company and claims related to the products or services that this can get very complicated and confusing. This is one of those areas that you should look into and question but ultimately will need to rely on the recommendation of your enroller. This will come done to how well you know the person and if you feel you can trust them. Bottom line is this is the biggest factor in your decision to join the company. Do you trust your potential enroller to help you get the support you need to grow your business?

Selecting the right company is a formidable task and should not be jumped into without the proper consideration. This does not mean you cannot do it quickly because you can. Particularly if you have been in the business for a while and know a good product and team when you sense it. That is right you heard me right. You can just sense a great leader and/or a great team. They just have that extra something that you cannot explain.

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Why MLM Attraction Marketing Works

by Bob on February 16, 2010

The reason why attraction marketing works is because people will generally be allured, or, drawn to whatever it is that gets their attention. When marketing products, or services, to consumers, the ultimate goal is to get the items being marketed sold. The product needs to be in the mind of the consumer and stay there.

When the goods, or services are presented in an attractive way to the audience it is geared to, there is likelihood that the goods, or services, will be remembered after the fact. The image of an attractive man, or, woman presenting information on a certain brand of clothing for example, may catch the eye of some potential customers, who may then, unknowingly look for clothing in that brand.

Associating a brand with a symbol, or a character is another way of getting someone to remember the product being marketed. A young child might be watching morning cartoons, when a cereal commercial appears with a colorful cartoon character, as the central focus of the commercial. The appealing qualities of the image may get the attention of the child. The child is enticed by the commercial, and remembers the character.

The child that remembers the commercial with the cartoon character promoting the cereal may remember to ask for that cereal when at the grocery store. Or, the child may forget until seeing the character from the commercial on the box of cereal on the way down the cereal aisle. The child may then recall the character and its association with cereal and request it.

Someone marketing a product, or a service will typically be involved in some part of the process of promoting, selling, or distributing the product, or service. It is therefore important to know common things that may appeal to the group that the product is being marketed to. They may then be interested in purchasing the product being sold.

A marketing company trying to sell sailboat accessories may try to attract sail boat enthusiasts by associating their product with things or situations that would appeal to this group. Ads might be drawn that depict the open sea, perfect weather, a beautiful sailboat, or, people having a good time on the watercraft.

The product may be discreetly, or tastefully displayed somewhere in the image. For the sailboat enthusiast who remembers the advertisement perhaps the next time on a boat, or when shopping for items for the boat, the consumer might recall the association and purchase whatever brand or item that might be.

When a product is remembered by the consumer, it is more likely that when it comes time to make purchases, the item will be sought out. Why attraction marketing works is that by finding out the things that appeal to the audience, and using that knowledge. They can attract consumers based on the data they have, and associate the product being marketed with images that would appeal to that group. This is ultimately in the hopes that the item will be remembered and purchased.

Within MLM and network marketing the product or/service is leadership and training. So by giving your audience the training or know how of the business they will be attracted to you as a leader and thereby allowing you to establish a relationship with them and ultimately get them interested in your primary business. This happens over time as individuals become receptive to your suggestions as a leader. In this way even if you change your primary business these people whom you have established a relationship with will follow you when you switch business. That is the ultimate security you have as a leader using attraction marketing to draw people to you.

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*IMPORTANT: Your free training will be sent to the email address you provide, so please double-check it for accuracy.
SECURE & CONFIDENTIAL: We respect your email privacy. We Hate Spam Too! Any email you receive comes with an ‘unsubscribe’ link.


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