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More Heart Than Talent Conference – Atlanta Georgia

More Heart Than Talent Conference – Atlanta Georgia

by Bob on July 20, 2009

I just got back from the More Heart Than Talent Conference that was held in Atlanta Georgia this past Saturday.

Bob Howard and Jeffery Combs

Bob Howard and Jeffery Combs

I have to say that Jeffery Combs is quite unique an a genius when it comes to being able to read people and knowing how to push their buttons and close them. Jeffery is president and founder of Golden Mastermind Seminars and spends most of his time doing personal coaching to entrepreneurs in the direct marketing field. After hearing Jeffery I was compelled to hire him as my coach and I also received all of his CD and book library for my collection. (I have a lot to read and listen to for a while)

I look forward to working with Jeffery and the change that has already begun in me that will allow me to reach the goals and aspirations for my career in network marketing.

Bob Howard and Cedrick Harris

Bob Howard and Cedrick Harris

Additionally I had the privilege to meet Cedrick Harris who has been coaching me for a few weeks now on how to close which has already made an impact on my downline and my pocket book.

Cedrick also released a CD set that explains his secrets to making 10K per month.  This is a great set and I would highly recommend it for anyone that aspires to achieving this goal.

Also I time to speak with Norbert Orlewicz, Brian Fanale and Todd Schlomer. It was amazing to me how normal and down to earth that these guys are.  I loved spending time with them talking marketing strategies and also learning some of the ideas that were in the plans to be incorporated in the the best marketing system on the planet which is MLMLeadSystemPro (MLSP).  These guys are making sure that they keep the

Norbert Orlewicz,Brian Finale,Bob Howard,Todd Schlomer

Norbert Orlewicz,Brian Fanale,Bob Howard,Todd Schlomer

product fresh and up-to-date with the market. I tell you from what I have heard all they are going to do is make it easier for us to enroll new team members and grow our business. This product and market is still very young and there is much low hanging fruit for those that will just take action.

For those that are not in MLSP just go to my site MLMProMentor and sign up now to catch the wave of growth that is about to happen. Don’t miss out but at the same time don’t join unless you are going to take action.

Additionally I had an opportunity to connect with other marketers and share ideas of other ways to market.  It is amazing to me all the things I learned and also that I was doing some things that no one else was doing that I was able to share. I am looking forward to some new things that Brian showed me on PPC marketing and also the Yo Le showed me on CraigsList marking. Thank-you Yo and Brian. I will let you guys know how these

Bob Howard and Yo Le

Bob Howard and Yo Le

new strategies produce for me over the next month.

I think the bottom line is that whenever you have an opportunity to attend a conference like this you need to do everything you can to try to attend them. I am reminded by a comment that Brian made about the first conference that he attended for his primary business and that he was struggling up to that point but that one month after he attended the conference he had his first 10K month.

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