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Social Networking and Internet Network Marketing - How is the Future?

Social Networking and Internet Network Marketing – How is the Future?

by Bob on December 11, 2009

Social networking 10 years ago would have not meant the same as it does today. With the explosion on the Internet and the growth of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many other sites, the term social networking mean something altogether different. In the last few months Facebook has grown to it largest number of subscribers ever at 350 million. Yes that is right 350 million which is more than the population of the US.  It was also reported that Youtube, the leader in online videos, served over 100 million videos a day in the month of January 2009 just from its US viewers. I know that it hard to believe but it is correct. 100 million videos per day.  While this growth was going on Twitter has also grown substantially but it’s grow is dwarf by that of Youtube.

To me the real news worthy item is the demographic of that growth. In 2009 for Facebook there was a 276% growth in the age group 35-54. That is not to say that there are more people 35+ on Facebook than under 35 because that is just not the case. Of the 20 million US citizens on Facebook, 18 million of them are in that 35 and under group. What it does mean is the there will be continued growth in the 35+ age group because there is so much room to grow.

What is different about Twitter is primarily users are the 35+ age group that makes up to 66% of the usage of Twitter.  Which means that Twitter has catered to this demographic as they have come online most likely for the first time.

Youtube is more balanced. About 52% of the users on Youtube are 35 and under and 48% are 35+. Youtube also has a higher demographic of males as compared to Facebook has a higher demographic of females.

As a network marketer, this means that there are going to be more and more people that are coming on line in the 35+ age group. Since the 35+ age group is also the group that has more financial resources then the under 35 group, there is going to be a further explosion of marketers that will be focused on the 35+ age group that is trying to get their hands on those financial resources. At the same time this age group is least educated on how to use a computer let alone social networking.

So what does all this growth mean to the future of Internet Network Marketing, MLM and Direct Sales. I think  this is a perfect storm for someone who can takes the right approach. A wise internet network marketer would focus on this demographic and also focus on the need for training and education of how to use social networking sites as well as other commonly used web sites. The sky can be the limit if the process is easy enough to use and for the most part can be self taught.

I think the future looks bright for network marketing based on these numbers. To work with an expert in the online marketing field put your information in below.

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